Mini Flyer Hover Shot

Mini Flyer Hover Shot


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Flying UFO Shooting Game for Indoor Flying - Use the infrared control laser gun to target the mini LED flying drone and make it fly and float in the sky. It is safe to play indoors. Real laser gun sound effects and lights provide children a spectacular feeling of virtual gaming experience.

Direct the floating LED UFO and shoot: turn on the mini flyer, place it on a flat surface, then turn on the RC gun and press the button under the handle to pair with the mini drone. Now it's time to shoot! Aim the gun at the mini saucer and press the trigger to make it fly. Aim high, watch it fly!

Ideal gift for kids includes an LED flying saucer, a gun transmitter, and a USB cable. The gun is well made with a combined use of super cool colors; works with 2 AA batteries. The rechargeable mini drone with multiple LED colors, and its built-in lithium polymer battery provides long flight time. USB power cable included.

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