Pop It! Xxl Bubble Fidget

Pop It! Xxl Bubble Fidget


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  • The Brand New Push Pop it Fidget Toy Is Great To Your Children And Yourself, Which Helps Relive Your Stress.

    Your children will love this Curvy Shape Pop It bubble toy, especially because of its many uses.

  • Uses and Benefits : It is great Sensory toy for Autism , anxiety and Stress relive , ADHD, children and adults with special needs , and people who suffer from brain degenerative disorders and you must have it in Educational toys for your kids.

    Give your Kids as a Birthday / Christmas Gift , Party Bag fillers.

  • Easy and Safe for play : Just press the pop bubbles down, then flip it over and start again! As the bubble pops when pressed down, you will hear a slight popping sound which is very satisfying!

    This toy is made up of high quality BPA free Plastic and TPR Material which is safe for kids. It is non-toxic to humans and pets, so no need to worry! It is very soft and really tactile, which is comfortable in the hands.

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