You Me And The Abc&

You Me And The Abc'S: 100 Ready-For-Reading Activities For Kids And Their Favorite Grown-Ups


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You Me And The ABC's: 100 Ready-for-reading Activities for Kids and Their Favorite Grown-ups

Using everyday activities and household items, the book helps caregivers create literacy-rich experiences for pre-readers. Written to be shared between an eager new reader and their favorite grown-up, the book emphasizes simple, multi-sensory games, recipes, conversations, and actions to help a child learn to recognize, pronounce, and write the alphabet. Created by renowned children's book author and educator Michael J. Rosen, the book offers proven ways to engage eager readers in activities that are adaptable to most situations, needs, and environments. Reviews " This book is FUN, FUN, FUN...with so many activities that will engage children and support their print awareness....great fun for children and great advice for adults...and a must-read for all preschool teachers. " Sandi Koebler, Ed. D., Director of Early Literacy Education

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