Magnetic Mightymind Challenger

Magnetic Mightymind Challenger


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YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE A CHILD BECOMING SMARTER AND SMARTER AS A CHILD PLAYS WITH MAGNETIC MIGHTYMIND CHALLENGER, because each step has a letter, organized in alphabetical order showing a child's progress. It's like a measuring stick.  A CHILD’S POWERFUL MIND IS CHALLENGED OVER A PATH of 26 CONNECTED STEPS.  Magnetic MightyMind Challenger is an extension of Original MightyMind, the unique 43 year old activity set that’s been making kids smarter in 26 countries around the world.  MightyMind Challenger is an excellent transition from basic MightyMind to SuperMind.  It extends a child’s logical thinking skills.  It’s more than just a toy.  As kids play with it, they develop a solid foundation that becomes a platform for building more advanced complex skills.  It precedes letter recognition, reading, math and STEM.  It’s a scientifically designed linear program that shows kids step by step how to solve and build puzzles from simple to amazingly complex.  It’s non-competitive, so every child succeeds. Kids get absorbed with it for hours. It’s perfect for travel, because the magnets hold everything in place.   Magnetic MightyMind Challenger is expandable.  It’s enlarged play tray will accommodate more MightyMind advanced puzzle patterns.

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