I Know Sight Words
I Know Sight Words

I Know Sight Words


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Help your child learn early reading skills with the I Know Sight Words workbook. I Know Sight Words for ages 4+ teaches your child to recognize and write 60 frequently used words. This early learning workbook features fun, colorful activities to keep young children engaged in learning.

I Know Sight Words includes special bonus features to assist in developing critical thinking and to encourage your child to apply new skills. This workbook also includes stickers to help you motivate and reward your child for a job well done.

Packed with colorful and engaging activities, the I Know series helps children ages 3+ master early learning skills. Each page features fun, easy-to-do activities that teach letters, numbers, sight words, and more. All of the I Know workbooks include creative extension activities to help your child develop critical thinking skills, apply what they have learned, and make personal connections. Give your child the practice they need for school success with the I Know series!

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