Nautical Love Purity Pearl

Nautical Love Purity Pearl


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This Love Pearl Necklace Gift Set is one of the unique gift ideas you'll see. Each gift set includes a mollusk packaged in a container with a special liquid solution that simulates its natural environment and a necklace with a pendant. This unusual gift's appeal is the excitement and mystery as the recipient opens the oyster and finds their very own pearl. The pearl measures anywhere from 5-7mm. Since these are natural pearls, they are not perfectly spherical, so each one is unique. The kit includes a pendant to hold the pearl. The beautiful and functional design of the easy-to-open pendant allows the pearl to be worn and protected. The pendant is on a 16" chain. Each package has a pearl with one of the five colors (white, cream, peach, purple, black) - the color is part of the surprise. The delicate coloration of the pearl is said to determine the receiver's good fortune. The white pearl symbolizes wisdom. The cream pearl signifies success. The peach pearl represents health. The purple pearl stands for wealth. The black pearl is for love. A beautiful pearl from the ocean depths, glittering from its pendant and radiating all realms of positivity. Each pearl is as individual as each star in the sky, and your pearl has spent many years in its shell waiting to be claimed—live life with hope, love, and happiness.


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