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Aero Car


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Aero car is an air powered car using this experiment kit. Buy 2 and race your friends! Here it comes, speeding around the race track or across the kitchen floor. Move out of its path quick haste because it's moving with the help of dynamic energy at lightning speed. You'll get a quick education in air compression and physics all while having your gas-guzzler roadster take the floorboards for a spin. This sweet ride comes with easy to follow instructions on getting your wheels to work. Its sturdy body can withstand a good knocking from the automobiles in its way as it propels across the room and heads down the road on the crash course. A Heebie Jeebies toy, you'll get hours of fun with this one. A clip, a dash and a crash! How does the Aero car work ?Aero car once assembled works on Newton's third law of motion : For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. When the compressed air is released it pushes air in the opposite direction of the cars motion. The air pushes the car in the front direction thus giving a˜motion' to the Aero car.

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