Time And Money Flash Cards, Grades K - 3

Time And Money Flash Cards, Grades K - 3


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Featuring bright, easy-to-see illustrations, our time and money flashcards aid in teaching and reinforcing early math skills such as telling time and counting coins. Perfect for kindergarten through third grade, our flashcards include digital and analog clock reading as well as coin values, counting in various combinations to practice important math literacy skills. Our large math flashcards are double-sided with a digital clock and the written time on one side, and an analog clock on the reverse for easy self-checking. The money flashcards include authentic coin and dollar bill images on the side with numerals and words on the reverse. A bonus resource card is also included for additional skill-building games and activities.

• Ages 6-9, Grades 1-3

• 54 cards, 3.25 inches x 5.25 inches

• Practice telling time with digital and analog clocks

• Teaches coin values and counting

• Rounded corners for easy turning and sorting

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