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PenAgain, BAU00073, Twist 'n Write Pencil 2-Pack, 2 / Pack


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Conventional stick-shaped pens rely on the strength of one’s grip and they the force the user to squeeze tightly, contort their wrist and finally press the pen down into the page. This emphasis on grip strength is at the root of the problem for people affected by certain writing disabilities. The PenAgain’s ergonomic index finger cradle takes advantage of the natural weight of the hand to generate the pressure needed to apply ink to paper. Its crutch-like design steadies the hand and engages the whole arm so it allows its user to relax and guide it, rather than forcefully grip it, which reduces hand fatigue. The PenAgain’s “Y” formation and large tripod gripping surfaces improve hand posture and encourage a healthy natural wrist position which helps to increase writing motion efficiency and reduce grip related hand stress. These features make it an outstanding tool for those suffering from Parkinson’s or Arthritis as well as carpal tunnel and RSIs.

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