Jojo & Bow Bow

Jojo & Bow Bow #1


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JoJo Siwa -- Face painting, dancing, and corn dogs, oh my!

When her neighborhood decides to throw a block party, JoJo Siwa has the best idea ever: sheÕll perform her hit song, Boomerang, as a highlight of the big summer bash. With her crew of friends behind her and the support of her trusty sidekick BowBow, JoJoÕs sure their summer will be as sweet as it gets. Then she meets GraceÑthe new kid on the block with tons of talent to offerÑand JoJo knows her plan for a rockinÕ party is complete!But Kyra, resident mean girl and head of the party-planning committee, has other ideas. JoJo doesnÕt know why Kyra dislikes Grace; but it soon becomes clear that sheÕll do anything to exclude JoJoÕs new friend. When KyraÕs jealousy of Grace threatens to ruin the entire block party, JoJo knows itÕs time to rally her Siwanatorz and save the day. After all: Being a Siwanator meansÑabove allÑbeing kind. And even bullies arenÕt always what they seemÉ

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