Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Queen Bs and Honeybees (JoJo and BowBow



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Miley joined the Art Stars, an organization for performing artists, and this weekend is its inaugural event. That means Art Stars from all over the country meet for a lakeside campout where they’ll kayak and hike and make s’mores. Miley is allowed to bring a friend, and of course she invites JoJo! JoJo and Miley are excited to bunk up in a cabin with other girls, until they realize the counselors are none other than the Queen Bs—a group of mean girls from JoJo’s dance workshop. All weekend the girls are at odds: The tug-of-war rope is slathered in grease and they find creepy-crawlies in their beds. But when Belle—the meanest of the mean girls—goes missing, can the girls put their differences aside and save the day?

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