Math Basics Gr2 Press Out
Math Basics Grade 2 Press-Out Workbook

Math Basics Gr2 Press Out


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Help teach, review, and extend important math skills with board games, stickers, and more! Find colorful activities galore that encourage kids to view math as fun while they explore. They open the Math Basics: A Press-Out Book for second grade, and right away find bold, bright reward stickers. Unique to this workbook are press-out base ten pieces, numbers 0-10, and analog clock hands, along with a clock face (on one side) and base ten activity board (on other side). Using these “manipulatives” adds hands-on practice to two-dimensional learning. After pressing out the pieces store them in an envelope or small, resealable plastic bag. All throughout the workbook the activities progress from easy to difficult; promote self-directed learning; sharpen focus, memory, and mastery; and offer unlimited learning experiences. This workbook’s math curriculum incorporates the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics as well as standards published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). It’s a great take-anywhere math boost!

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