Bunny Braves The Day: A First-Day-Of-School Story

Bunny Braves The Day: A First-Day-Of-School Story


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Bunny Braves the Day: A First-Day-of-School Story [Suzanne Bloom] Children, Juvenile Literature.

When a little bunny is nervous about starting school, his big sister hops right in to help him tackle his first-day jitters.

It's the first day of school, and little Bunny feels like something is flip-flopping in his belly. He won't know anyone. He doesn't know how to tie his shoes or how to read. And what if no one likes him? Can Bunny's sister convince him that the first day won't be a horrible disaster? Award-winning author and illustrator Suzanne Bloom's signature gentle humor, exuberant characters, and reassuring message will resonate with every child who has similar anxiety about the first day of school.

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