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One Boy's Choice: A Tale of the Amazon


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One Boy's Choice: A Tale of the Amazon [Sueli Menezes] [Illustrator Anika Siems] Children, Juvenile Literature.

A National Council for the Social Studies - CBC Notable Trade Book! On the bank of a river in the Amazon, a boy learns from his grandfather about a father fish that cares for his offspring, and the importance of preserving the species for future generations.

A little boy of the Amazon is excited to go on his first fishing trip with his grandad. He wants to catch the biggest fish! After hours of drifting among the water-lilies, at last they capture a huge Arowana. But, as Grandad explains, sometimes catching the biggest fish isn't the best way to preserve the river's bounty. This is a story of environmental awareness that also touches on fatherhood and the importance of living in harmony with nature. Perfect for our times.

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