Balloons For Papa: A Story Of Hope And Empathy

Balloons For Papa: A Story Of Hope And Empathy


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Balloons for Papa: A Story of Hope and Empathy [Elizabeth Gilbert Bedia] [Illustrator Erika Meza] Children, Juvenile Literature.

A perfect book to help discuss mental health, depression, empathy, loss, and hope with young children.

Arthur's gloomy father rushes him through the park every morning, through gray and rainy weather. Arthur just wants a bright balloon from the park's vendor, but Papa always says no. One morning, the balloons magically appear at their doorstep, and Arthur figures out the perfect way to bring the sunshine out—and Papa's smile back—even if only for a few moments.

Brimming with affecting and poignant words, beautiful black-and-white illustrations, and bursts of color on every page, Balloons for Papa sends the message that even in the worst situations, there is light and love.

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