HEXBUG JUNKBOTS - Industrial Dumpster (assorted)
HEXBUG nanotopia
HEXBUG nanotopia
HEXBUG nanotopia

Hexbug Nanotopia


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Assemble the ultimate nano® flash habitat with HEXBUG nanotopia! With tons of snap-together track pieces and obstacles, there has never been a more vibrant playset to let your nano® loose in! As they move at twice the speed, the three newly designed flash nanos included light up when set into motion.

Three merry-go-round obstacles and four additional HEXBUG nanos are included! Collect, connect, and construct with nanotopia from HEXBUG!

  • Autonomous design for hours of fun
  • Sensory toys for kids powered by vibration technology
  • Collect and connect to build unique playgrounds
  • Batteries included
  • 130+ Pieces
  • Ages 3 and up

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