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Green and black 6.5x3.5x2” leaf blower features a Micro-USB port, battery compartment, detachable nozzle, and power button. Cord and batteries not included. Requires 3 AAA batteries. Reminder, this is a toy, not a real tool.

Publisher Description:

Looking for the perfect way to dust off your keyboard? Look no further. The World's Smalles Blower is the perfect small gift for big fun. Features strong air power, extra long cable, and ergonomic design. No batteries required, simply plug in to the nearest USB port. Ages 5+.

Category Description for World's Smallest

The tools, toys, and household items you know, but in a fun size! Each of these mini-items really functions and is either powered by a USB-cable or batteries. These novelty items are a little way to add lots of fun to your desk, room or as a stocking stuffer.

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