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Lunch Box Bully

Lunch Box Bully (I Like to Read)


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Big Bob is a bully who takes Max's lunch every day. Max's friends try to help him deal with it. "Don't look at him," says one friend-- but Big Bob takes Max's sandwich anyway. "Give him a gift," suggests another friend. Max gives Big Bob a lemon ice, but the bully doesn't like lemon-- so he squashes it on Max's head.

Clever Max figures out a way to outwit Big Bob, and starts bringing lemon-flavored lunches. And once his lunches are safe, Max reaches out to Big Bob in friendship. Soon all of the children enjoy lunch together!

This easy-to-read story includes extra material for both kids and adults on dealing with bullies-- a list of Do's and Don'ts for young readers, and a list of anti-bullying resources for grown-ups.

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