Bunny Figures It Out Hardcover – Picture Book

Bunny Figures It Out Hardcover – Picture Book


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One little bunny learns the power of books, facts, and libraries on her quest to make her perfect sandwich.

When Bunny's sandwich-making plans are disrupted by a lack of jelly, she knows what to do--she'll make her own! After asking her brother, neighbor, father, and grandmother how to make jelly, though, and getting absolutely no right answers, Bunny starts to despair! Will she ever get to make her perfect sandwich? It's only when Bunny learns to look for information in just the right place--the library--that she finds the answers she's been looking for.

In this fun and a fact-affirming story about solving problems with good information, readers learn the right way to find the answers they need--with bold and appealing art by Andrew Joyner, the illustrator of Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum.

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