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Air Dough is the lightest, most amazing dough on Earth! This kit contains 6 vibrant colors, 6 basic tools, and instructions!

- Ages 3+
- Instructions and tools included
- Strong elasticity
- Easy mixing
- Air dry (dries over night)
- Mess free
- Won't stick to fabric
- Non-toxic
- Gluten free(do not ingest this product)

Category Description for Air Dough:

Air Dough is lightweight, non-toxic, vibrant, and easy to mold and model. Follow the included instructions to create figures, then let them air dry overnight. Each kit contains 6 modeling tools and an assortment of colors.

Large kits contain 6 colors, while the Medium Bears Kit has 5 colors and Sea Animals has 7. Parents appreciate that Air Dough won’t stick to fabric.

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