Drop: An Adventure Through The Water Cycle

Drop: An Adventure Through The Water Cycle


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Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle [Emily Kate Moon] Children, Juvenile Literature.

A water ride like you've never experienced before, featuring the cutest drop of water in all of precipitation.

Meet Drop. She's water! And she's seen a thing or two. Yep, even dinosaurs; she's four and a half billion years old, after all. Everywhere Drop flows--and she flows everywhere--she keeps things moving, making life on earth possible, and having a great time doing it. (Have you ever plummeted from a rain cloud? Or took a thousand-year nap in a glacier? Drop knows how to live right.) With delightful panache and a steady stream of funny one-liners, Drop takes readers on an adventure through the water cycle and beyond. Filled with irresistible artwork, funny asides, and a steady sprinkle of kid-enticing facts, Drop is the story about water you never knew you were thirsting for.

"Splashy and original." —Kirkus
"A stand out from others of its type." —SLC
“An endearing, conversational introduction to the water cycle.” —PW

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