Hip, Hip . . . Beret! (Touch-And-Feel Storybook)

Hip, Hip . . . Beret! (Touch-And-Feel Storybook)


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Hip, Hip . . . Beret! (touch-and-feel storybook) [Melanie Ellsworth] [Illustrator Morena Forza] Children, Juvenile Literature.

A playful and humorous picture book about what happens to Bella's beret when the wind sweeps it away. Find a few special touchable berets on the cover and inside!

Grand-père gifts Bella the hat she'd always wanted--a beret! But just as she places it on her head, a gust of wind whisks it away. When the beret accidentally lands in a chef's pan . . . hip, hip, soufflé! When it mistakenly lands on the head of a dancer . . . hip, hip, ballet! The wind continues to sweep the hat farther and farther away. Will Bella ever get back her beloved beret?

Children will love to read aloud this humorous and heartfelt story filled with repetition, rhyme, and hilarious wordplay. On the cover and inside of the book, find a few special touchable berets as an interactive and tactile element to engage young readers.

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