Geosafari Jr. Dino Discovery Dig T-rex

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Dino Discovery Dig Triceratops


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  • Use your dino-might discovery skills to dig out hidden surprises with Geosafari Jr. Dino Discovery Dig
  • Excavate a Triceratops from the reusable dino dirt and create a display-worthy dinosaur skeleton—just like a real paleontologist
  • Scoop, dig, or use the fossil molds to press the dino dirt into prehistoric shapes
  • Includes reusable dino dirt, digging tool, Triceratops bones, volcano case with fossil molds, mystery gem, and dino fact card
  • Encourages an early love of science and provides hands-on experience with tools and scientific practices, and builds fine motor skills too

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