I Dig Monsters Popsicle Pack

I Dig Monsters Popsicle Pack


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Dig through the cold and smooth popsicle with the popsicle stick tools provided to find your collectable 3.25" Monji figure
Popsicle stick tools may include a slicer, peeler or grater for the most satisfying ASMR-inspired carving experience
Dunk Monji in icy water to reveal a fun color change surprise
There are 28 designer-toy inspired Monjis to collect across the range
Look out for the stamp cutter charms! Use them to make cool shapes from the popsicle
Includes (1) popsicle vessel, (2) popsicle stick tools, (1) Monji figure in water wax, (2) shape cutters, and (1) collector's guide

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