Globber One K E-Motion 10 Electric Scooter for KIds

Globber One K E-Motion 10 Electric Scooter for KIds


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The Globber 10 E-Motion Kids Electric Scooter is a fun and cool scooter for any occasion. THE E-Motion 10 is built to be extremely tough and durable to handle kids, while remaining easy to ride and comfortable. Customise the ride to your child with the adjustable steering column and comfortable TPR grips. The E-Motion is built with a 150w rear integrated motor which powers the 127mm solid puncture free tyres. Simply kick start and the motor will kick in and power the scooter at up to 12km/h. Kids will remain in full control as the mechanical foot brake on the rear wheel will ensure that this electric scooter is always under control. Simply recharge in 3 hours and the E-Motion 10 is good to go again, for 500-600 charges. The Globber One K E-Motion Electric Kids Scooter is a fun and safe way for you kids to get outside and explore while having a blast.


  • Adjustable steering column
  • Comfortable TPR handlebar grips
  • High-tech conception, durable material, strong and sustainable
  • Trendy e-mobility device, environmentally friendly, no gas emission
  • 140mm front wheel with nylon rim/PU
  • 150W motor integrated into the 127mm rear wheel/ solid puncture-free tyre
  • The "kick start" mode engages the motor when user is pushes the scooter up to 5km/h
  • The electronic pressure sensor placed on the deck allows intuitive control and makes acceleration and braking very easy
  • Braking systems: Mechanical foot brake located on the rear wheel (mud guard pressed on the rear wheel), Neutral motor position is activated when pressing rear mud guard.

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