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I Feel... Sick Dj Corchin


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I Feel... Sick Dj Corchin

I Feel...Sick addresses the common illnesses that come with being a kid. Sometimes, you just don't feel well. Your belly aches or your eyes are itchy, and you can't go outside to play. But even when you're not feeling your best, your friends and family love you and will take care of you. Sometimes I feel sick. Sometimes my head aches. Sometimes my nose runs...all over my face. This series helps kids recognize, express, and deal with the roller coaster of emotions they feel every day. It has been celebrated by therapists, psychologists, teachers, and parents as wonderful tools to help children develop self-awareness for their feelings and those of their friends. With fun, witty illustrations and simple, straightforward text, these books make it easy for kids to identify how they're feeling—and have fun too!

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