Little Scoot - Literature

Little Scoot - Literature


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Little Scoot [Rebecca Kai Dotlich] [Illustrator Edson Ikê] Children, Juvenile Literature.

A tiny tugboat overcomes her fears of a turbulent storm to save a stranded barge in this timeless tale of persistence.

When faced with a tough challenge, Little Scoot only tries harder. Sent into a gathering storm to rescue a barge that's run aground, Little Scoot is tempted to turn around. But though she's scared of the squall, she perseveres through thunder, lightning, blustery winds, and swamping waves, reminding herself "Little Scoot never quits!" This triumphant tale is a testimony to the power of determination.

​“Little Scoot is a windy, wavy, rhymey story of someone little doing something big. Readers of all ages will want to straighten their stacks in her wake!”
—Liz Garton Scanlon, author of the Caldecott Honor winner All the World

“Lucky the child who gets to share an adventure with Little Scoot! Rebecca Kai Dotlich gives her young audience an exciting adventure and a gentle lesson that scary things can be overcome with determination and a lot of heart.”
—Alice Schertle, author of Little Blue Truck

“Little Scoot will tug her way into hearts and minds where her gentle strength will serve as a guide.” —Dylan Teut, PhD candidate, literacy instruction and assessment, Plum Creek Children's Literacy Festival Executive Director, Concordia University, Nebraska

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