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Chewigem offers a variety of Sensory Aids. With over 10 years expereince in this market, we have become experts in the chewing arena. We makea wide range of nontoxic, washable chew, stim and fidget aids that can discreetly or overtly meet your need to chew. We have learnt a lot along the way. Our range has a variety of textures, strengths and flexibility to meet the needs of the vast majority of sensory seekers. Before buying consider the shape, size and texture you seek and check this product offers a similar experience. Remember changing a habit can take time too, so redirect and reward to make a faster change. Everything breaks eventually when chewed and so we recommend products are discarded after the very first signs of wear and tear. Our products allow you to replace and redirect a less desirable chewing habit . If your having trouble choosing or unsure on strength, do get in touch and we would be happy to advise. Our team is made up of chewers, sensory seekers and parents of those on the spectrum, so it is important to us to get it right, because we have been in your shoes too! Necklaces are not suitable for under 3 yrs old due to the necklace cord. +stangualtion risk+

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