Chewigem Pencil Covers

Chewigem Pencil Covers


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Chewigem | Pencil Covers The best solution for children and adults who prefer to gnaw their pencil! New in the Chewigem range is the much-requested 'pencil covers'. As the name suggests, the covers are made of safe silicone that you slide over the pencil. This covers the pencil and offers a safe alternative to suck and bite. The pencil covers come in a set of 2. The blue pencil cover is like an open tube/straw. This makes it also suitable for use as a straw to drink from a cup. The red pencil cover is closed at the end and is textured for extra sensory stimulation in the mouth area. The 'covers' slide fairly well over the pencils and hold very well around the pencil. The pencil covers can be slid over the entire pencil. Dimensions Length x width x thickness: 12 x 5 x 1.5 cm

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