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TWOgether [Susan Gal] [Illustrator Susan Gal] Children, Juvenile Literature.

An inviting day at the beach introduces kids to the concept of group play.

Sometimes you just need a friend for a fun day at the beach, so little shrew asks elephant to play. Elephant's not sure at first, since so many of the things she likes to do don't require two. But she plays along--and even invites others to play. After all, if two is so good, then why not three? Or how about four? But so many playmates is too much for shrew, and his search for a special friend is rewarded when he finally meets his perfect match in a friend who wants to play his way--just two, TWOgether!

From solitary play to fun with a crowd, Susan Gal's upbeat text and vibrant, whimsical illustrations of a sunny beach full of frolicking animals celebrate the fun to be had in friend groups of all sizes.

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