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Sunny Days Entertainment Ravel Tales Sparklers Series 2 - Collectible Plush With Diy Craft Activities


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Ravel Tales, the original children’s DIY collectible, is now available in an all new series with (12) unique characters in super sparkly fabrics! The more you unwind, the more you find! Start your journey by unwinding your shimmery yarn ball to uncover tons of sparkle surprises including: DIY activities, accessories, and of course your collectible plush Ravel Tales character! Sew a pillow bed for your pet and make them a pet collar, too! Use the extra yarn to braid a friendship bracelet for you! Nothing is wasted! Will you uncover a Rare Raveller? Find Lustra and Viva and add their extra magical shimmer to your collection. Join #TheUnravellers and share your journey with the Ravel Tales community on social media using the hashtag.


  • Discover all new Ravel Tales with Series 2 including all new characters in super sparkly fabrics!
  • After you unwind your yarn ball, use the plastic sewing needle to sew a sparkly bed for your pet and then stuff with the unraveled thick yarn!
  • Use the thin yarn and name tag to make a special pet collar for your Ravel Tales. When you’re done, use the extra yarn to make a matching friendship bracelet for you!
  • There are (12) unique Ravel Tales to uncover in Series 2, plus (2) Rare Ravellers with extra sparkly gold and shimmer details. Collect them all!
  • Each playset includes: 1 plush pet, 21’ thick yarn, 3 strands of 8’ thin yarn, plastic sewing needle, pet name tag, 2 bed halves, play instruction manual and collector’s leaflet.

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