CreateOn Sesame Street Colors with Elmo

CreateOn Sesame Street Colors with Elmo


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We are the wild passionate inventors of Magna-tiles Structures Sets, we have brought our passion to life on genuine Magna-tiles. With our SuperColor Technology we can create endless possibilities of creativity, learning and fun . We take your favorite brands and bring them to life on Magna-tiles for hours of play. Your kiddos can go to space and learn the planets , bring the animals down to the farm, drive the Sesame Street gang to the schoolhouse, have green eggs and ham, and sit around with cookie monster looking for cookies. If they can think it, we can build it.

Our Magna-tiles Structure Sets bring imagination to life, all while building a child’s cognitive learning skills, stem approved, but shh don’t tell them their learning lifelong skills, just watch it happen. Parents, grandparents, educators, and kids (yes, even them) all agree, a way to help them learn is when they don’t know their learning. They learn play patterns, math, science, Reading, memory and engineering.

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