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Monster Jam (Dirty to Clean) - Monster Mutt Poodle vs Monster Mutt Husky 1:64 Scale - 2pk


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Go from dirty to clean with the official Monster Jam 1:64 scale color-changing die-cast trucks! Featuring fun and classic matchups like Grave Digger vs. Earth-Shaker, Megalodon vs. Pirate’s Curse, and more, the trucks in the Monster Jam 1:64 scale Dirty to Clean 2-Packs have awesome details and graphics, and now your favorite Monster Jam trucks can change color! To change your truck’s color, dunk it in warm water to watch the dirt fade away, revealing your cleaned-up truck! Then, splash with cold water to instantly bring the dirt back! With official BKT tires and authentic chassis, these Monster Jam monster trucks embody the style and swagger of their real-life counterparts! Both tracks included in the 2-Pack include a driver molded to the driver’s seat. Add all of the Dirty to Clean 2-Packs to your collection (each sold separately) and host your very own Monster Jam event with your friends! What are you waiting for? Take these color-changing Dirty to Clean Monster Jam trucks to the max! Ready, set, MONSTER JAM!

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