Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Monsterglow 5-Pack

Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Monsterglow 5-Pack


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Meet the glowing, ghoulish Monsterglows! Drop their bubbling pods in water to reveal one of eight all-new Beaker Creatures! Includes mini-posters with real science experiments!

Category Description for Beaker Creatures:

Part collectible creature, part science activity, Beaker Creatures are hidden inside “Reactor Pods” that fizz and bubble when dropped in water. When the bubbling subsides, you’ll find a mysterious floating capsule in the foam. Open it up to discover a crazy little creature from a distant planet, then identify it with the included chart. Beaker Creatures Pods are available in single packs, 2-packs or 6-packs and make great stocking stuffers! While they can be used on their own, several lab activity sets include more lab tools with suggested lab activities after the creatures are unveiled.

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