Batman 4" Mega Gear Deluxe

Batman 4" Mega Gear Deluxe


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This deluxe 4-inch BATMAN toy is highly detailed, with 11 points of articulation for you to pose any way you want. Get your figure ready for battle and simply slide the Mega Gear armor onto your figure. To activate your figure's Mega Gear, press the back to transform. The wings expand and a Batcopter with a working propeller pops up that you can spin to protect the skies of GOTHAM CITY! Easily fold the wings and helicopter back down to continue your missions on the streets of GOTHAM CITY. For even more epic storytelling play, add the 4-inch Mega Gear BRONZE TIGER to your collection (sold separately)! Save GOTHAM CITY with the BATMAN 4-inch Mega Gear Action Figure!

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