I Spy Preschool Game
I Spy Preschool Game

I Spy Preschool Game


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Drawn by vibrant, realistic pictures, little kids are on a mission to find the objects they recognize. Even better, they're on a roll for learning! I Spy Preschool Game helps players to practice the important pre-reading skills of visual recognition, matching, rhyming, and first reading. Half of the cards contain words with matching images. The other half features classic I Spy scenes. Find the scene cards that match the word cards and then connect them like a puzzle!

There is nothing like a fast-paced, fun learning game to reinforce and broaden vocabulary. An exceptional beginning reading game - children naturally try to use the pictures to help them decipher words. I Spy Preschool also helps children refine small motor skills and learn to cooperate and follow rules. Best of all... it's fun!

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