Play Ball, Pikachu! (Pokémon Alola Reader)

Play Ball, Pikachu! (Pokémon Alola Reader)


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The new Pokémon are here, and kids gotta catch 'em all! This Level 2 reader features the Alola Pokémon from Nintendo's hit games for Nintendo DS, Sun & Moon. Includes one sheet of stickers.

Join Ash and Pikachu on their latest adventure in Alola! The kids from Pokémon School can't wait to play Pokémon Base with the famous sports star Oluolu and his partner, Snorlax. But when Team Rocket tries to get on the game, the play turns foul! Can Ash and his Pokémon help Snorlax save the game... and the day?Includes a sheet of stickers.

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