Buki My First Word Search

Buki My First Word Search


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Buki My First Word Search Fun – This fun activity book contains 19 Word Search puzzles and includes the solutions at the end of the book. Each page has a list of related words and a frame full of letters. The words are hidden among the letters in the frame – are you able to find all the words?

The puzzles are graded and start with written numbers up to ten, the names of the months of the year, and names of colours. The words for each page then follow a theme, for example, words relating to water, such as ocean, lake, sea, and pool. Other themes include domestic animals, wild animals, fruit, flowers, and vegetables. This is a most educational activity book that can assist with vocabulary and spelling of words in various themes. Great for developing Visual Figure-Ground ability.

The complete list of themes is as follows: Days of the Week, Numbers, Months of the Year, Colours, Words Relating to Water, Sweets, Food, Furniture, Family Members, Professions, Cars, Transport, Clothing, Domestic Animals, Wild Animals, Fruit, Vegetables, Trees and Time.

Please note that some of the words in the Word Search are arranged from right to left and also from bottom to top, and this word search should therefore be used only once the child has established the concept of working from left to right to avoid any spatial confusion.

Size: The pad is approximately 24.5 cm x 20.5 cm.

Ages: 8 and up.

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