Vowels And Vowel Teams Skill Drill Flash Cards

Vowels And Vowel Teams Skill Drill Flash Cards


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Build letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary with this library of flash cards, which draw upon the Dolch and Fry commonly-used words lists. Clear text, with photo or illustrated cues of easily-recognized items in specific titles, helps learners make concrete language associations. Glossy coat on one side and matte on the back aids visual discrimination. Sturdy two-piece storage...

Build a strong foundation of reading and speaking skills with these content-rich, high-interest flash cards. Photo and context cues help readers make the mental connection between familiar real-life objects and the words that use their vowel sounds; as confidence increases, switch to the other side of the card to challenge reading other words with the same vowel sound without the picture assistance. Featured, commonly-used words are drawn from the 'Dolch' and 'Fry' Instant Words lists. Design and structure of the cards is effective not just with young children, but also for adult English-language learners and in therapy and memory-care settings, too. Great for use at home and on-the-go, in classrooms and small groups. Sturdy cards and storage box. No-see-through cards with quick-sorting, rounded corners. 72 cards, 3" x 6". Suggested for ages 6 and up.

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