Multiplication Division (2-Sided) Bingo Game

Multiplication Division (2-Sided) Bingo Game


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Fast-paced games are packed with riveting content to keep learners interested and challenged. This game's traditional format can be played 8 ways, so everyone can get in on the learning fun. A great choice for classrooms, homes, adult education, parties, and celebrations. Fun for small or large groups. Build vocabulary skills by introducing synonyms for 37 common words. 3 to 36 players. Inclu...

When it comes to reviewing math facts, do you divide and conquer? Or multiply your chances for success with repetition? Both choices are winners with this set! TREND has built fun into Bingo games since 1969, earning the trust of generations of teachers and child care professionals. The familiar 5-by-5 grid and innovative 8-way-play format adapts to many skill levels, keeping play exciting for everyone. Sets come with enough cards for a classroom to play together - giving families repeated play enjoyment without seeing the same squares over and over! Fun for small groups, learners with disabilities, and anyone learning English. And teachers can even use this game to assess student progress! Cards show numbers representing multiplication products on one side, division quotients on the other - the caller running the game announces a multiplication or division equation and the player covers the appropriate answer on their card. Fact families from 0 to 12 are covered. Designed for players ages 9 and up (grade 4 and older); as many as 36 individuals can participate in the same round. Sturdy storage box includes 720 tagboard playing chips, an answer guide, set of calling cards and a caller's mat, and 36 different two-sided Bingo cards which measure 6-1/2" x 9" each. Made in the USA for reliable quality and product safety.

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