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The Leprechaun Under The Bed


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The Leprechaun Under the Bed [Teresa Bateman] [Illustrator Paul Meisel] Children, Juvenile Literature.

"A leprechaun can be alone without being lonely," says Brian O'Shea.

And that's how Brian likes it-- so when a big human man tries to build a cottage on top of Brian's underground home, the leprechaun does his best to scare the fellow away with his magical tricks.

But Sean McDonald refuses to be frightened off-- and over time the two develop an unlikely friendship. After all, a leprechaun in the house is a fine piece of luck-- and that luck comes in handy when news of Sean's good fortune attracts dangerous attention.

Cleverly told and brightly illustrated, this folktale friendship is a delightful tale for St. Patrick's day-- or any day when you could use a little magic.

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