Guatamalan hACKY Kick Sacks

Guatamalan hACKY Kick Sacks


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These beautiful handmade crocheted balls in vibrant colors and folk patterns are Fair Trade made in Guatemala and sturdy enough for rugged outdoor play.

Just the right weight and size for aspiring jugglers, these Fair Trade Hacky Sacks are recommended as beginning juggling balls since they do not roll away.

Too young to juggle? These crotchet-covered balls are just the thing for games of toss or put-and-take with their easy-to-grasp surfaces and attractive colors.

Older kids and teens can use the balls for "hacky sack", a game where players stand in a circle and try to keep a footbag off the ground without using their hands.

Just as important, learning to juggle helps improve hand-eye coordination and, according recent research, may even help the brain grow!

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