Mr. Noisy At The Ranch, Dr Maggie&
Sad Sam/Blue Sue, Dr Maggie&
Sad Sam/Blue Sue, Dr Maggie&

Sad Sam/Blue Sue, Dr Maggie'S Readers


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Teaching Literacy through Fun, Phonics-Based Stories

Book #17
The Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers series is a groundbreaking collection of 24 stories rooted in the most current and widely accepted phonics research. This captivating series is perfect for any early-literacy curriculum, helping children practice phonics skills while motivating them to want to read, and read, and read again.

"My elder son spent the first seven years of his life in China, where we ordered from CTP and other publishers via internet, back in late 1990s. CTP and a few others were the ONLY English reading materials that were allowed through customs and I am grateful. Not only did my son manage to learn phonics, he actually "realized" books can be fun and that started him on his "romance with books." A child that loves to read and reads well – what more can a mother ask for (especially when English is not our mother-tongue)?"
–Hazel S.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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