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Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime - Purple Monster


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Ever have trouble getting your children to go to sleep? Make a game out of it and you'll have them tucked in with no fuss. This book and plush set is a story and a game all in one. Hide the monster in your child's room. Read the story to your child.

The story is about how cute and cuddly monsters are afraid of the light and are hiding in your room. Find them so they can come out and play at bedtime. Each night thereafter, the parent hides the monster and lets their child know It's time to go find them. The game will have your child rushing off to bed to search their room for their silly monster. Once they find their monster, it is time to tuck them into bed and go to sleep. This story and game will quickly become a wonderful part of your child's bedtime routine!

Recommended for Ages 1+

a note from the author & inventor of Snuggle Monster

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