Deblockle Strategy Game

Deblockle Strategy Game


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Trying to find strategic board games that both intrigue the mind and challenge even for the most calculated players? Deblockle is the game for you! With eight (8) blocks and a 7×7 wooden board, this mystical looking strategy game is sure to intrigue any guest that steps into your home. Not only is Deblockle visually appealing, it is also sure to challenge any player. Get ready for the enchanting clean-cut game of tips and turns strategy when you play Deblockle!

Few games are fun to play over and over again, and fewer still are made with new challenges and twists in mind: this game holds true to them both! With its simplistic and distinctive design, the Strategy Game of Tips and Turns Deblockle by Project Genius presents a new and exciting idea to the strategic board game world. Deblockle is challenging to play and thrilling to win. Take turns between two players by flipping blocks onto squares and getting your pieces out. To make a move flip a dice to Star, Stop, Cross, X, Slider, or Hoop and make your strategic move. The player who removes blocks first from the board wins the game! Your opponent is then Deblockle’d!

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