Kevin the Unicorn: Why Can&

Kevin the Unicorn: Why Can't We Be Bestie-corns?


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Kevin the Unicorn: Why Can't We Be Bestie-corns? [Jessika von Innerebner] [Illustrator Jessika von Innerebner] Children, Juvenile Literature.

Kevin the Unicorn learns that you can't force a friendship in this companion to Kevin The Unicorn: It's Not All Rainbows

When a new unicorn moves in next door, Kevin is certain he's about to make a new magically awesome best friend. After all, everyone loves unicorns (especially other unicorns)! But it turns out Eric loves scary movies (eek!) and clam juice (blech!) and he doesn't like camping or skateboarding or any of the activities Kevin adores. In fact, apart from his sparkly mane and radiant horn, Eric doesn't have all that much in common with Kevin. Could it be that Eric and Kevin aren't destined to be the best of buds?

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