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Deluxe Magnet Exploration (6)
Deluxe Magnet Exploration (6)
Deluxe Magnet Exploration (6)

4M Magnet Exploration from STEAM Powered Kids, Transform This Super Magnet Set to Perform Fun Experiments and Games


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Magnet Exploration from STEAM Powered Kids by 4M. Feel the magic power of magnetic fields! Transform the super magnet set for fun experiments and games. Contains over 40 components for 25 games and experiments. Construct a super magnet racer, a compass yacht, a table UFO, a maglev personal transporter, an anti-gravity scripture, and more. Learning basic principles of magnetism are essential to conducting the games and experiments-a magnet, has 2 poles, like poles, repel, unlike poles attract-more fun than learning from a textbook. The step-by-step illustrated color guide details all 25 games and experiments and explains “How does it work?” for all activities. Check out all the STEAM Powered Kids games for a fun way to reinforce science, technology, art, and math. 4M educational toys cover a wide range of subjects and each toy is creative, imaginative, inspiring—and most of all fun!

INCLUDED IN KIT: Set of magnet handles (assembled for magnet wand or U-shaped magnet), car/boat chassis, fishing wand joint, compass, ring magnet joints (2), superpower bar magnets in plastic case (2), wheels (4), red ring magnets (2), magnetic fish (5), short axle, long axle, rod for fishing wand /yacht mast, string (2), metal screw nuts, maze template, thin rod with the ring, support arm, round-shaped rod, hexagonal rod, graphic template (compass, Earth, spaceman), baseplate, enclosure, 2-color ring magnets (7), stickers, pointer, axle, string attachment, copper washer, divider, UFO body, weighing pan, 16 pages illustrated instruction booklet.

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS NEEDED AND NOT INCLUDED: Metal paper clips, shallow tray, plastic sheet, and adhesive tape.

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