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Wind Powered Racer (6)

Wind Powered Racer


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4M Wind Powered Racer from KidzLabs. Build this futuristic machine and watch it jet off by transforming wind into kinetic energy! The aerodynamic design uses the same engineering as jet and rocket powered cars. A great gift or project for aspiring engineers or electricians. Discover how the propeller works, assemble the axles and wheels, attach the motor, connect the power source, install the propeller, and attach the battery case. The step-by-step illustrated instructions provide a challenging project while eliminating frustration. The Fun Facts introduce great information about the history and the use of propellers, even in hovercrafts! Adult supervision is required at all times as the propeller should not be touched with fingers or other objects while the Racer’s power source is in the “on'' position. Check out all the KidzLabs kits to reinforce what your child is learning at school, or as a resource for homeschooling curriculum. 4M educational toys cover a wide range of subjects and each toy is creative, imaginative, inspiring—and most of all fun! INCLUDED IN KIT: Racer body, rear axle support, long axle, motor holder, motor cover, motor, battery case cover, battery case, battery case joint, back wheel (2), front wheel, propeller, metal eyelet (2), terminal cap (2), flat top screw (3), small screw (18).. REQUIRED BUT NOT INCLUDED: Small Phillips head screwdriver and Four (4) AAA (1.5 Volt) Batteries. Ages 10+.

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