Dig It Up! Rainbow Discovery

Dig It Up! Rainbow Discovery


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Empower your child to boost their self-esteem through a fun, hands-on project. After soaking the clay rainbow in water, kids can dig through the soft clay layers to uncover a total of 13 sparkly charms with hidden meanings. They can use the guidebook to journal about their discoveries and read about what it means to empower themselves. The big encouragement poster is covered with cool fun facts about what each charm means, and how to use them to remind yourself to be the best you can be! Did you know that the peace sign is an international sign for peace? If you carry it around with you, you can remind yourself to spread peace to others.
Just soak your dig project in a bowl or sink, chip away with your tools, and discover! This kit comes with a whole set of excavation tools for hammering, digging, and brushing.

• Contains 12 empowerment charms to discover, plus one bonus mini discovery!
• 18” x 24” empowerment poster is filled with fun facts about each charm
• Encourage kids with positivity
• 2 chisels allow you to dig with a friend
• Includes a charm-filled rainbow project measuring approx. 7” long, a mini treasure dig, 13 total charms, 2 chiseling tools, 1 hammer, 1 excavation brush, 1 sponge, an infographic empowerment poster, and a guidebook/excavation journal

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