DK Eyewitness: Eyewitness Rock and Mineral (Paperback)

DK Eyewitness: Eyewitness Rock and Mineral (Paperback)


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Unearth a treasure trove of geological knowledge with this in-depth guide to over 500 rocks and minerals

Learn how rocks are formed and how to recognize them by their unique qualities and colors. This is a wonderful book for beginners, students and rock collecting enthusiasts that includes the latest scientific research and specimen classification.

Handbook of Rocks and Minerals is filled with all you need to know about the fascinating world of rocks and minerals! Inside you’ll find:

• A clear visual key distinguishes igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, then guides the reader to the correct rock.
• Each entry includes at-a-glance technical details for quick reference.
• Minerals: chemical group and composition, hardness, specific gravity, crystal cleavage and fracture.
• Rocks: group, origin, pressure and temperature, grain size and shape, classification and fossils.
• Engaging photographs show close-ups of key details and unique attributes, and highlight distinguishing features.
• Each separate chemical group has a short introduction describing its general characteristics.

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